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BEATPIG  brings together the elements of music, leather, fashion and drag to the legendary SoMa venue Powerhouse. This is not a passive party, if you want any of the perks, you have to WORK for them! Now with bondage demos and a wide collection of paddles, pain never looked so good. The drinks are cheap and so are the studly gogo dancers! The beats provided by Juanita MORE! & Sidekick.

Juanita MORE! / DJ

San Francisco drag legend Juanita MORE! packs a vintage 70’s silver-makeup case full of enough house, techno and disco music to make anyone shake their groove thing on the dance floor. But, don’t close your eyes or you just might miss her lip-synching an old-school drag classic from the booth. Famous for her shockingly stylish fashion assaults and her signature French scent of tuberoses and musk – this jewelry laden lady will keep you moving your ass all night long.

Walter Gomez / Promoter / Puerto Rican Parade

Christened by his mother, Juanita MORE! as a one-man Puerto Rican Parade, Walter has been engulfed by the San Francisco club scene since 2004. It hasn't been until recently, however, that Walter has stepped to the forefront and been working as a party host and promoter. His two other nightlife endeavors (Steam and Chickenbear) also take place at the Powerhouse. He has a strong connection to the local Leather and BDSM scenes and thrives at marrying these with the Drag and Fashion scenes that Miss MORE! has so passionately championed for well over a decade.

Walter brings unbridled energy to every project he gets involved with and makes sure that his work resonates throughout his communities, by making each of his parties a fundraiser for local non-profits. A sharp tongue and a wit to match make his promoting and hosting style stand out in the scene. He's not afraid to wear outlandish outfits, and even less afraid to strip out of them and shake his furry bum for you! Come find him for drink tickets (which he'll make you earn) and a sassy comeback!

Sidekick / DJ

Sidekick started his DJ career with the legendary drag superstar Juanita MORE! at Booty Call Wednesdays in 2009. After a year of dancing his ass off every Wednesday night to her playful beats, he got his chance to show the crowd what he was made of and did not disappoint. Mixing jackin beats, funky tech house, hip-hop, and some classic 80’s house, he proved he was worth keeping around.

Tag teaming with Juanita might be his favorite thing ever as the two have a blast riffing off each other’s songs and style making you dance until the wee hours of the morning. Juanita coined the name Sidekick and it worked perfectly. Just as every super hero needs a sidekick, so to does every super DJ drag queen. Since then, the two have been inseparable jetsetting around the country DJing in Seattle, Portland, LA, NYC and their hometown of San Francisco.

Beatpig is the duo’s latest venture, featuring dirty beats and even dirtier boys and is taking SOMA by storm.


The Powerhouse Bar is the unquestionably the biggest & most popular South of Market bar in San Francisco.They have set the style for no "attitude", dirty, south of market fun. Their style has been imitated all over city, but here is where you find the best pumping cutting edge music, the smell of men (the no cologne zone), sexy videos, and the hottest crowd. They are the anchor of the gay bar scene on Folsom Street (SOMA), with bars moving in to be on the same block.Check out the Miracle Mile of Folsom Street, between 9th & 10th , at Dore Alley.

The Powerhouse opened under it's current ownership in 1997. Reports are that the building was a whorehouse in the early days.The Powerhouse has a long history within it's walls, dating back to the early 70's. It was the In Between, the Cow Palace Saloon, and No-name Bar.The late 70's brought the Bolt ( It was during this time it evolved into a leather bar) and the Brig (1978-1885).

During the late 1980's it became The Powerhouse, under different ownerships, and it was reported that it was closed for periods of time, and opened temporarily during the Dore Alley & Folsom St. Street Fairs. It was re-opened as the Powerhouse in 1996. Paul Langely, the current owner, bought the bar in Sept. 1997. Scott Peterson is the bar manager. They will celebrate it's 14th year during the Folsom Street Fair, in Sept. 2011.